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The 8 in 1 Multifunctional Magic Cutter
The 8 in 1 Multifunctional Magic Cutter
The 8 in 1 Multifunctional Magic Cutter
The 8 in 1 Multifunctional Magic Cutter
The 8 in 1 Multifunctional Magic Cutter

The 8 in 1 Multifunctional Magic Cutter

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 This magical tool will make you fall in love with cooking again!

Do you love cooking, but spend too much time on preparations? Or you have a lot of difficulty with the dexterity required of your hands to use a knife easily?

You will surely love the Masmine's Magic Cutter, the perfect kitchen tool designed to help you put more vegetables in your diet while reducing the time you spend on prepping food and cleaning up!

Highlights: 8 in 1 

8-in-1 Multi-Style Knife Heads: You can use a different high-quality knife head according to your cutting requirements, it is more convenient for you to cook. Shred, slice, flower, and grind your fruits or veggies any way you want. It even comes with a paring knife.

Ultimate time saver: Slash your meal prep time in half. No need to spend all day in the kitchen as our slicer enables you to slice your favorite foods in seconds.

Uniform cuts. The more uniform your cuts, the more evenly your veggies cook. And it just looks nicer on the plate.

Non-Slip Handle: Comfortable handle can be controlled with one hand, free one hand. Perfect grip.

Removable Vegetable Cutter: The cutting cover can be removed freely for easy use if needed.

FDA & SGS approved: Our slicer is made of food-grade plastic to keep your food clean & chemical free!

Bottom Foot Increased: Skid stability, ventilation that will not scratch the table.

Best Feature Upgrade: You can cut/slice vegetables and then clean them directly through a draining Bowl.

 Your Kitchen Helper: Easy and fast, Cut and wash, rotating buckle, automatic rotation Angle, easy to wash vegetables and drain.


Easy to clean: The pain with many other slicers is the mess after use which requires you to spend more time cleaning up. Our SlicingMagic Slicer is dishwasher safe and therefore easy to clean!

Healthy eating made easy: Most people will stop eating healthy because it becomes difficult to prepare your own foods and cook healthy. Our fruit and vegetable slicer is easily adjustable, dishwasher safe, easy to store and easy to use. So whether you are on a keto, paleo, raw, vegan, low carb, low fat, or gluten-free diet, there are no more excuses. Let's get healthy together and prepare more of our fresh fruits and vegetables ourselves!

Safe to use: The high-quality blades allow you to cut smoothly without using much effort or risk of cutting a finger. Not only does our slicer cut more consistently but it is safer than traditional knives. Our set includes different blades for a different type of usage, therefore you won't risk cutting your finger as a result of a wrongly sliced vegetable.


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